Needs/ Benefits possibilities for the Franklin Center for Innovation/Innovative Minds Academy

Needs (Financial) for on-going operations and initial funding for the Innovative Minds Academy

(August 1, 2023 – July 31, 2024)


12 months  x  $5,100 per month $61,200

Education Materials

70 students  X  $2,200 per student $154,000


Director/Faculty $30,000

Six part – time faculty

        6  X $8,000 each $48,000 $78,000

Total       $293,200

Benefits:  The benefits to Frankfort, Franklin County and the Commonwealth of Kentucky that can be attributed to the Franklin Center for Innovation activity are felt in many different ways. Much of the expenses this coming year will be to the formation of the Innovative Minds Academy, which will have very measurable outcomes. However, there will be dozens of additional benefits, some benefits that we have been producing for the past three years, as well as others that are mentioned below.