About DFS

In the aftermath of the recent pandemic, knowledge of real-life concepts in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics have faltered through online instruction and the students have limited access to teachers. 

Our goal at the Innovative Minds Academy is to re-introduce students to a STEM learning experience using DRONE technology. In this program, students will learn STEM concepts through a problem-based learning experience. Students will be introduced to real world problems and explore the solutions that drone technology provides. They will learn about forestry and timber, mapping and construction, public safety, energy, agriculture, and cinematography.  Students will learn how to use drones as tools. 

We will partner with Drone Legends, Scott Buell, CEO of Drone Legends, who has developed the pre-k through 12th-grade school curriculums. The curriculum aligns with the Next Generation Science Standards and is STEM.org certified. This ensures that students will be learning concepts in line with state science standards. 

We will introduce students to STEM-focused careers to open students’ minds to the opportunities that could be available to them in the future because of their knowledge of STEM concepts and STEM training. By creating a partnership with the Franklin Center for Innovation, Drone Legends, and Morehead State University, we will create a hands-on learning environment that supports the students becoming more versed in STEM concepts, all while building a foundation to support students in obtaining their part 107 DRONE certification.