The board provides strategic guidance and oversight to steer the us toward our goals.

Our board comprises a diverse array of educators, each bringing unique expertise and experiences to the table. We have a rich tapestry of professionals spanning various educational levels and instructional methodologies, ensuring a holistic approach to our STEM-forward mission.

At the P-12 level, we have educators who understand the foundational aspects of teaching STEM subjects to young minds. Their expertise lies in crafting engaging curricula that cater to different learning styles and abilities, fostering a passion for STEM from an early age.

Moving up to the collegiate level, our board includes educators who specialize in higher education, offering insights into advanced concepts and research methodologies. They bring cutting-edge knowledge and pedagogical approaches to the table, preparing students for careers in STEM fields or further academic pursuits.

Additionally, we are proud to have educators of alternative instruction, who bring innovative teaching methods to the forefront. Their expertise extends beyond traditional classroom settings, encompassing areas such as online learning, experiential education, and hands-on workshops, providing diverse avenues for STEM exploration.

Each member of our board represents a specific aspect of our STEM mission, with specializations ranging from Engineering, Math, and Science to Technical and Cultural Innovations, Communications, Marketing, and Branding. We also have experts in Gaming, Music, and Writing, recognizing the interdisciplinary nature of STEM and its connections to other fields of study.

Furthermore, our board includes specialists in Sociology, Service, and Citizenship, acknowledging the societal implications and responsibilities inherent in STEM advancements. Their insights ensure that our educational initiatives are socially conscious and address real-world challenges.

Collectively, our board strives to provide a dynamic learning environment characterized by hands-on, problem-based experiences. By emphasizing experiential learning, we aim to cultivate critical thinking skills, creativity, and collaboration, fostering excellence in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. Through our diverse perspectives and collective dedication, we endeavor to inspire the next generation of STEM leaders and innovators.