Logos and Colors



SKY BLUE - #22A7F0

MAROON - #840B11



At our school, our colors reflect the essence of who we are and what we stand for. Sky Blue, represented by #22A7F0, conveys peace, serenity, ethereal, spiritual, infinity. Overall, blue is found to convey a sense of loyalty, trust, cleanliness and understanding. Maroon, represented by #840B11, embodies ambition, acceptance, confidence, and sophistication. It speaks to our drive for success, our welcoming community, and the self-assurance we instill in our students. Mustard, symbolized by #F6CD47, exudes warmth, creativity, optimism, and diversity. It signifies the vibrant energy of our campus, where every individual is encouraged to express themselves freely and embrace their unique talents. Finally, mauve, showcased by #DCACF2, signifies innovation, inspiration, care, and intuition. It represents our commitment to nurturing a culture of forward-thinking, compassion, and empathy, where students are empowered to explore new ideas and support one another on their educational journey. Together, these colors form a rich tapestry that reflects the values and spirit of our school community.