Expectations of Students 

Please be respectful!

As a student at Innovative Minds Academy, we have certain expectations to ensure your success  and the smooth functioning of our learning community. By enrolling in our academy, you agree  to meet the following expectations: 

1. Attendance and Punctuality: 

2. Active Participation: 

3. Respect for Peers and Faculty: 

4. Academic Integrity: 

5. Time Management and Organization: 

6. Use of Technology and Resources: 

7. Professionalism and Communication: 

8. Growth Mindset and Continuous Learning: 

9. Confidentiality and Privacy: 

By adhering to these expectations, you contribute to the positive and enriching environment at  Innovative Minds Academy. We believe that your commitment to these standards will help you  achieve your academic goals and make the most of your learning journey with us.

By checking the boxes on the "Sign Off Form for Required Reading" form you acknowledge that you have read this document and understand the guidelines it sets forth.