Laser Lab - AP Lazer

Are you a designer, engineer or artist looking for fast and precise cutting? 

At the Franklin Center of Innovation, we offer an AP Lazer laser cutter that is specifically designed to make quick work of your projects. Our laser cutter uses a thin, focused beam to easily pierce and cut through materials such as plastic and wood. Not only can it create intricate patterns but with our advanced settings you also have greater control over your material’s final look. 

We know not everyone has access to their own laser cutter so this is an excellent opportunity for those who want one without having to break the bank on purchasing one outright! The full suite of design tools allows users from any skill level the abilities to customize their cuts in real-time which means making changes quickly enough that even last-minute adjustments are simple.  You'll be able to bring all your creative ideas into reality faster than ever before! 

Come check it out today at the Franklin Center for Innovation!