Level Ups +2 - Advanced

Level Ups is an innovative and empowering program offered by Innovative Minds Academy, where students embark on a transformative educational journey. Our program is structured around progressive levels in each of the four colleges we offer, each designed to challenge students, foster their passions, and push their boundaries. As students advance through the levels, they gain a deeper understanding of their capabilities and develop valuable skills.

We believe in recognizing and celebrating their achievements, which is why we offer special awards to students who successfully complete five Level Ups. These awards include the opportunity to choose a college of their choice, where they will receive recognition for their exceptional accomplishments. This unique feature not only motivates students to strive for excellence but also prepares them for future academic endeavors and opens doors to exciting opportunities.

At Innovative Minds Academy, we believe in nurturing the potential of our students and providing them with the recognition and support they deserve to excel.