Guiding Principles

Innovative Minds Academy at the Franklin Center for Innovation is a great way to jumpstart your journey into making and unlocking your full potential. You’ll have access to all the tools necessary for successful making - from digital fabrication machines, hand tools, 3D printers and more. Plus, you can reach out and network with other makers in our community who share similar interests as you! 

• Making is a fundamental part of the human experience, and it helps to create a sense of wholeness.

• Sharing what is made with others contributes to this feeling of wholeness.

• Giving away something handmade is a selfless act and can provide a great reward. 

• Learning new techniques and tools for making helps one become a journeyman or master craftsman. 

• Accessing the right tools is essential for successful making. 

• Being playful while making leads to unexpected discoveries and successes. 

• Participating in the Maker Movement provides an opportunity to reach out and learn from other makers in the community. 

• Support of various types should be given to see this movement succeed. 

• Change will inevitably arise through the process of making, allowing for personal growth and development.