Presentation Classes

The College of Presentation exists to foster the craft of presentation; that is the ability to deliver something with meaning. The College of Presentation benefits and empowers its students, and improves the quality of life for community members through delivery of designed  entertainment, public forum, and instruction. The College of Presentation has two divisions, the Division of Time and the Division of  Space. 

Cosplay Course 1: an immersive experience that introduces students to the vibrant world of  cosplay, guiding them through the process of creating their own costumes and embodying  their favorite characters. Through hands-on workshops, students will learn the fundamentals of  costume design, prop-making, and character portrayal, gaining the skills and confidence to  participate in cosplay events and express their creativity through this popular art form.

Creating Your Own RPG Game Accessories: a hands-on course that teaches participants how to  design and craft unique accessories such as dice sets, game boards, miniatures, and more, to  enhance their tabletop role-playing game experiences. From concept development to material  selection and practical techniques, students will explore the art of bringing their imagination to  life through personalized and captivating game accessories. 

Creating Your Own RPG Miniatures: an immersive course where participants will learn the art of  sculpting and painting custom miniatures for their tabletop role-playing games. From basic  anatomy to advanced detailing techniques, students will master the skills needed to bring their  characters and creatures to life, adding a new level of depth and visual appeal to their gaming  sessions. 

Phone or Tablet Stand Design and Printing: a hands-on course where participants will learn to  design and 3D print their own customized stands, enabling convenient and hands-free usage of  their mobile devices. From conceptualization to prototyping, students will explore the design  principles and techniques required to create functional and personalized stands that enhance user  experience in various settings. 

3D Printing Smartphone Cases and Accessories: an innovative course where participants will  explore the world of 3D printing to design and create personalized smartphone cases and  accessories. From mastering 3D modeling software to optimizing designs for printing and post processing techniques, students will learn the skills necessary to bring their creative ideas to life  and customize their devices with unique and functional accessories. 

Creating Your Own Trading Card Game: an engaging course that equips participants with the  knowledge and tools to design and develop their own unique trading card game from scratch.  From card mechanics and gameplay balancing to card artwork and graphic design, students will  explore the intricacies of creating a captivating and strategic game that can be enjoyed by players  of all ages. 

Laser Cutting for Wooden Puzzles: an interactive course that teaches participants how to design  and produce intricate wooden puzzles using laser cutting technology. From puzzle design principles and software tools to material selection and laser cutting techniques, students will  explore the art of creating captivating wooden puzzles that challenge and entertain, honing their  skills in both design and fabrication. 

Podcast Creation: a comprehensive course that guides participants through the process of  planning, recording, editing, and publishing their own professional-quality podcasts. From  content development and storytelling techniques to audio recording and editing software,  students will gain the knowledge and skills needed to create engaging podcasts that captivate  audiences and effectively convey their messages. 

Resin Printing for Miniatures and Figurines: an immersive course that introduces participants to  the world of high-detail resin 3D printing for creating intricate and lifelike miniatures and  figurines. From digital sculpting and model preparation to resin selection and post-processing  techniques, students will explore the art of resin printing, enabling them to produce stunning and  highly-detailed models for tabletop gaming, collectibles, and artistic expression. 

Screen Printing T-Shirts and Apparel: an interactive course that empowers participants to master  the art of screen printing to create custom-designed t-shirts and apparel. From screen preparation  and color separation to ink mixing and printing techniques, students will learn the entire process of transforming blank garments into personalized, professionally printed pieces, allowing them  to unleash their creativity and produce unique wearable artworks. 

Screen Printing Posters and Art Prints: an immersive course that explores the artistry and  techniques of screen printing to create vibrant and visually stunning posters and art prints.  Participants will learn the intricacies of screen preparation, color separation, ink mixing, and  registration to produce high-quality, limited edition prints that showcase their artistic vision and  command attention in the world of printmaking. 

Sublimation Printing Customized T-Shirts: an engaging course that teaches participants how to  create vibrant and personalized t-shirts using sublimation printing techniques. From design  preparation and color management to heat press application, students will learn the process of  transferring custom designs onto polyester-based t-shirts, resulting in durable, vibrant, and  professionally printed garments that reflect their unique style and creativity. 

Sewing Tote Bags: a beginner-friendly course where participants will learn the foundational  skills of sewing and construction to create stylish and functional tote bags. From fabric selection  and pattern cutting to stitching techniques and finishing touches, students will gain the  confidence and ability to design and sew their own customized tote bags, perfect for everyday  use or as thoughtful gifts. 

Design and Create Unique Cutting Boards: is an inspiring course that combines woodworking  and design skills to guide participants in crafting personalized and functional cutting boards.  From wood selection and design considerations to shaping, finishing, and preserving techniques,  students will learn to transform raw materials into stunning cutting boards that reflect their  creativity while enhancing their culinary experience.