Innovation Classes

The College of Innovation exists to create tools to solve community  problems at scale. The College of Innovation trains students in the  industrial methods of pattern making, prototyping, and production that  they need to invent new solutions to contemporary problems, and the  College of Innovation provides the collaborative environment necessary  for great ideas to flourish. The College of Innovation includes the  Division of Automation and the Division of Process.  

Woodworking: a comprehensive course that introduces participants to the fundamentals of  working with wood. From understanding different types of wood and hand tools to mastering  essential joinery techniques and finishing methods, students will develop the skills and  knowledge necessary to confidently embark on woodworking projects, creating beautiful and  functional pieces with their own hands.

Introduction to 3D Resin Printing course: a comprehensive program that familiarizes students  with the principles and techniques of 3D printing using resin-based technology. Through a  combination of theory and practical exercises, students will learn about the different types of  resin printers, software for model preparation, resin material properties, and post-processing  methods, empowering them to unleash their creativity and produce high-resolution, intricate 3D  prints using resin technology. 

Advanced Resin Printing Techniques: an intensive course designed to expand students'  knowledge and skills in the realm of 3D resin printing. Through hands-on projects and advanced  topics, participants will delve into topics such as advanced resin materials, multi-material  printing, hollowing techniques, supports optimization, and post-processing methods, equipping  them with the expertise to tackle complex and intricate 3D printing projects using resin  technology. 

Post-Processing for Resin Prints: a specialized course that focuses on the essential techniques  and methods for refining and finishing 3D resin prints. From cleaning and curing to sanding,  polishing, and painting, students will learn a range of post-processing techniques that will elevate  the quality and aesthetic appeal of their resin prints, enabling them to achieve professional-level  results for their projects. 

Customized 3D Resin Printing for Cosplay: a unique course that caters specifically to cosplayers,  teaching them how to leverage 3D resin printing technology to create highly detailed and  personalized props, accessories, and costume elements. Through hands-on projects and practical  instruction, participants will learn techniques for designing, printing, and finishing custom  cosplay pieces, allowing them to bring their favorite characters to life with stunning accuracy  and creativity. 

Resin Printing for Tabletop Gaming: a specialized course tailored for enthusiasts of tabletop  gaming, focusing on the application of resin printing technology to create custom miniatures,  terrain, and game components. From understanding miniature design and preparation to  optimizing settings for high-quality prints, participants will gain the skills needed to produce  intricate and detailed pieces, enhancing their tabletop gaming experience with personalized and  visually stunning elements. 

Fundamentals of Electronics: This course provides a comprehensive introduction to the  fundamentals of electronics. Participants will learn the basic principles, concepts, and  components of electronic circuits. They will develop essential skills in circuit analysis, design,  and troubleshooting. The course includes hands- on activities, practical experiments, and projects  to reinforce the theoretical concepts.

Learning Arduino Programming and Electronics: a comprehensive course that introduces  participants to the fundamentals of Arduino programming and electronics, empowering them to  bring their ideas to life through hands-on projects. From basic coding concepts to circuit building  and sensor integration, students will gain practical skills to create interactive and innovative  electronic devices using the versatile Arduino platform.

Learning Fusion 360: a dynamic course that provides participants with a comprehensive  understanding of the powerful computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing  (CAM) software. Through a combination of theory and practical exercises, students will learn to  design 3D models, simulate assemblies, generate engineering drawings, and prepare their designs  for manufacturing, equipping them with valuable skills for various industries such as product  design, engineering, and architecture. 

Screen Printing: Introduction to Screen Printing: an immersive course that introduces  participants to the art of screen printing, covering everything from design preparation to printing  techniques. Students will learn how to create intricate designs, prepare screens, mix inks, and print their own unique artwork onto various materials, gaining the skills necessary to bring their  creative visions to life through this versatile and widely-used printing method. 

Screen Printing: Advanced Techniques: an enriching course designed for experienced screen  printers looking to elevate their skills to the next level. Participants will delve into advanced  topics such as multicolor printing, halftone effects, specialty inks, registration methods, and troubleshooting, equipping them with the knowledge and techniques needed to create complex  and visually stunning screen prints. 

Using a Mitre Saw: a practical course that teaches participants the safe and efficient operation of  a mitre saw, a versatile power tool for making precise angled cuts in various materials. From  basic setup and measurements to advanced cutting techniques, students will gain the confidence  and skills necessary to accurately and confidently use a mitre saw for a wide range of  woodworking and construction projects. 

Using a Table Saw: a comprehensive course that introduces participants to the proper techniques  and safety protocols for operating a table saw, a powerful tool widely used in woodworking.  From essential setup and alignment to mastering various cuts and understanding different  accessories, students will develop the skills and knowledge needed to confidently and accurately  use a table saw to create precise cuts and achieve professional-level woodworking results.

Using a Wood Lathe: an immersive course that provides participants with a hands-on  introduction to the art of woodturning. From understanding lathe components and safety  procedures to mastering basic spindle and bowl turning techniques, students will gain the skills  and confidence to create beautifully turned wooden objects, such as bowls, pens, and decorative  items, using the versatile wood lathe tool.

Vinyl Decals Design and Application: a creative course that equips participants with the skills to  design and apply custom vinyl decals for personal or commercial use. From concept  development and digital design to proper application techniques, students will learn how to  create visually appealing decals that can be applied to various surfaces, adding a personalized  touch to their belongings or expanding their business branding possibilities.

Building a Line Following Robot: an exciting course that guides participants through the process  of constructing their own autonomous robot capable of following a designated path. From  understanding the principles of sensor integration and motor control to hands-on assembly and  programming, students will learn the fundamental concepts and practical skills required to build  a line-following robot and explore the fascinating field of robotics. 

Laser Cutter Exploration: an immersive course that introduces participants to the versatile world  of laser cutting technology. Through hands-on learning, students will discover the capabilities of  laser cutters, learn design software for creating intricate designs, and master the art of precision cutting and engraving on various materials, empowering them to unleash their creativity and  bring their ideas to life with this powerful tool.

CarveWright Machine Operation: a comprehensive course that provides participants with the  knowledge and skills to safely and effectively operate a cartwright machine, used for shaping and  forming metal components. From understanding machine components and setup to mastering  proper techniques for bending, shearing, and punching, students will gain the expertise necessary  to confidently operate a cartwright machine and produce accurate and high-quality metalwork  pieces. 

Embroidered Patches Creation: a hands-on course where participants will learn the art of  designing and creating their own custom embroidered patches. From digital design to thread  selection, hooping, and stitching techniques, students will explore the process of transforming  their ideas into beautifully crafted patches, suitable for personal expression, branding, or  embellishing various textiles.

Sublimation Printing: an immersive course that introduces participants to the art and science of  sublimation printing, a versatile and vibrant printing technique used to transfer custom designs  onto a variety of substrates. From color management and image preparation to heat press  operation and troubleshooting, students will learn the intricacies of sublimation printing and gain  practical skills to create high-quality and personalized products for a range of applications,  including apparel, promotional items, and home decor.

Dye Sublimation Printing: an engaging course that delves into the process of creating vibrant,  durable, and custom designs through dye sublimation printing. Participants will learn about color  management, image preparation, substrate selection, and heat press techniques to successfully  transfer designs onto various materials, enabling them to create professional-grade products such  as apparel, signage, and personalized gifts with exceptional color reproduction and detail.

Introduction to Vinyl Decals with Cricut Machine: a beginner-friendly course that introduces  participants to the world of vinyl decal design and creation using a Cricut machine. From  software navigation to material selection and cutting techniques, students will learn the essential  skills to design, cut, and apply personalized vinyl decals, opening up endless possibilities for  customizing various surfaces and objects.